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A person standing on an electric scooter outside. 02/08/2023

Renting vs Buying An E-Scooter: The Pros & Cons

So you’re on the fence about whether you want to make the final investment or continue to rent out public e-scooters.  Public and rental e-scooters have pros and cons, but it’s important to establish that they’re both eco-friendly alternatives to driving and are much more affordable.  That being said, in this simple guide, we’re here to help you decide whether you’re ready to make the jump from renting to buying.  What are the pros of investing in an e-scooter? There’s nothing quite like having your own e-scooter, allowing you to... Read More

An electric scooter with the brake down under an archway 20/04/2023

The Ultimate E-Scooter Guide For Beginners

Your first e-scooter says a lot about you and your lifestyle. When buying an e-scooter, you are opening yourself up to new adventures, using an eco-friendly alternative to other modes of transport and you could potentially save some money in the process. But how do you decide on the electric scooter for you?  At Electric Life, we’re experts in sourcing the best e-scooters on the market. In this guide, we’ll explain all you need to know about purchasing your first e-scooter. This includes what to look out for, a breakdown... Read More

A man cycling on his daily commute 03/03/2023

Best commuter e-bikes to speed up your journey

Thanks to advancements in technology, the popularity of e-bikes has surged in recent years, seeing more lightweight, compact designs available alongside those with more powerful motors that can cover longer distances.  What’s more, as many city workers look for ways to shorten their commute and find alternative ways of journeying to work, e-bikes are becoming a go-to means of transport. Engineered to assist your pedalling, e-bikes make perfect commuter bikes, especially for those who encounter steep hills on their way to the office. Choosing the right commuter e-bike depends on... Read More

Woman riding an electric bike through oxford 03/03/2023

How To Protect Your E-Bike In Winter

When the colder weather hits, it’s important to weatherproof your e-bike to ensure it stays in optimum condition. If you’re brave enough to face the freezing weather and cycle in the cold, your e-bike will need extra care to keep it performing and get you safely from A to B. For those who see cycling as a warm-weather sport and won’t use their bike throughout the winter, you must store your e-bike correctly, so it’s ready to hit the road when better weather arrives. Follow our guide as we explore... Read More


High-Performance Motors E-scooters have powerful electric motors that gives its users plenty of thrill, as this intricate little machine can accelerate quickly to maximum speeds of 15.5mph (25km/h). Our electric scooters are fitted with high-performance hub motors, that secure and grip you to most surfaces (including slippery) and power the e-scooters rear wheel to push you along. Most new e-scooter users start with a 250 watt motor scooter that reaches top speeds of 15.5mph and will provide you with plenty of fun, however those looking for something more powerful to... Read More


In recent years cycling has become a popular way to travel, whether that’s commuting to work, to a shopping centre, or used for everyday physical activity. With their recent upgraded technology and top specification features it’s safe to say that electric bikes have especially become a growing trend. But why is that? Take a read at our 5 reasons why we believe e-bikes are favourited and their variety of benefits! 1.There’s an Electric Bike for EveryoneWith e-bikes popularity rapidly increasing, manufacturers have accommodated electric bikes to suit everyone’s requirements whether... Read More


Welcome to Electric Life…we are a newly established retailer selling an extensive, modern range of e-mobility products. As technology evolves electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular and more accessible to daily users. That’s why here at Electric Life we stock high quality products at affordable prices from numerous UK brands such as Li-Fe, Dawes, Pro Rider, Stirling Eco, Claud Butler, and Falcon. Our products are cleverly designed and developed to streamline our move into a greener future whilst keeping our customers wants and needs in the forefront of our mind.... Read More