How To Assemble Your E-Bike

1.     Remove the e-bike and the spares package from the box, keep the internal packaging inside the box for safe keeping.   

We strongly recommend that you keep the box for at least 30 days in case that you need to return the bike.

2.     After removing all protective packaging from the e-bike, visually inspect the bike to ensure it has not been damaged in transit and report any issues to us immediately.

3.     Most of our bikes ship with the front wheel already fitted. If your bike was shipped without it fitted, gently insert the front wheel into the fork dropouts and properly tighten it at the axle. 

Check that the wheel is centred within the fork; loosen the wheel and retighten it until it is. 


4.     If your bike has arrived with the front wheel already fitted, you will need to turn the handlebars from their current position. To do this, make sure the side stem bolts are loose and turn until the handlebars and stem are central to the front wheel. Double check you are happy that the bars are straight and then tighten the stem bolts according to the manufacturer’s torque setting.


5.     Each pedal has an ‘R’ or ‘L’ near the pedal thread – this determines if it is to be fitted to the right or left-hand side of your bike whilst sitting on it. Right-hand pedals thread in clockwise and left-hand pedals anti-clockwise. 


Before installing, apply a small amount of anti-seize grease to the threads of the pedals and then using your fingers, begin to fit each pedal to the correct side. Once the pedals are loosely installed, tighten with a 15mm spanner or where applicable with the correct size Allen key. 


Ensure to fit the pedal to the correct side and if they are difficult to turn, carefully undo and retry. Cross-threaded pedals/cranks are not covered by warranty.

6.     Adjust the saddle height to your liking by loosening the Allen key bolt or quick release found on the seat clamp. Raise the saddle to a comfortable height, then tighten the bolt or quick-release lever until secure.